John has a mixed bag of news today. First a New York judge has denied a request to dismiss the case against Daniel Penny who is charged in the subway chokehold death of Jordan Neely. Also, he plays a clip of state department spokesperson Matt Miller on the policy situation in Gaza and discusses the effort by Senator Bernie Sanders to ask for a report on human rights for Palestinians. Then, he welcomes back actor, director, and podcast host – Bob Cesca and they chat about Sci-Fi movies and Trump mouthing off in court to the judge during the second E. Jean Carroll trial. Adam in Tennessee calls on animation and superheroes. Next, legal analyst Dr. Tracy Pearson joins the fun to joke about the stupid things Trump has been saying. They speak with Michael in California on his transformation to a democrat. Finally, Dr. Tracy explains what is actually happening in Trump’s 14th Amendment case in Maine and they take calls from listeners: Bill in New Jersey, Mitch from Kent State, Brian in Oregon, and Michael in the Bronx.