Today’s monologue is about comb over Caligula. In New York, Judge Juan Merchan denies his claim of absolute immunity in the Hush Money case; in Georgia, Judge Scott McAfee rejected his first amendment challenge in the January 6th case; and in Florida, Judge Aileen Cannon denied him his bid to dismiss the classified documents case using the Presidential Records Act. Also, NY DA Laticia James is questioning the company that posted the bond for Trump saying it isn’t legit and Trump’s Truth Social is tanking in the stock market. Then, he speaks with activist and civil liberties lawyer – Reverend Barry Lynn on RFK Jr., the fight over Transgender Visibility Day, and religion in schools. Then finally, John brings back Simon Moya-Smith and Julie Francella for their Native Voices segment. They chat about “Sundowner” towns, how indigenous cultures celebrate the solar eclipse, and historical accuracy about natives in the media.