The monologue today is about AG Merrick Garland appointing a Special Counsel to the Hunter Biden Case. John points out the hypocrisy of the GOP – now claiming they are furious even though they asked for a special counsel. Then he chats with former CNN and Current TV news correspondent and on-air personality for The Stephanie Miller Show – Jacki Schechner. They discuss her community work with aids patients and the increasing homeless crisis. Next, it’s John’s Hollywood Panel du jour: Amanda Wyss, Liam McEneaney and Jody Hamilton. They talk about the SAG strike, the Trump trials, and the upcoming GOP debates. Then they take a call from Tony in Las Vegas. And wrapping it up – the panel talks about the Dobbs decision and Mike Pence hecklers, then they talk with Richie in L.A., Andy in Culver City, Stephen in Kentucky, Tyrone in Chicago, and closing the show it’s “The Unpopular Opinion Game”.