Cong. Torres is the first openly-gay candidate to be elected to legislative office in the Bronx, was the youngest member of the New York City council, is the first openly-gay Afro-Latino elected to Congress, and he and Mondaire Jones are the first openly-gay black men elected to Congress.

Cong. Torres joins talks to us about the Insurrection, and what it was like being in the Capitol building that day. His story is rather scary, and shows just how literal preparation there was for such an emergency. We then get into the infrastructure bill, the filibuster (the Cong. has a few choice words for Joe Manchin), racial profiling (and his own personal experiences being profiled), police reform, and more.

He’s a fascinating and smart progressive, and has a bright future in the Democratic party.

This is the audio version of the interview. You can find the Zoom video version here.

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