This time as we kick off Pride month – John discusses the GOP’s attack on the LGBTQ Plus community and how corporations are now being targeted for their support as well. He takes calls from Dave in Washington and Joe from Indiana on gay/ trans bashing and the debt ceiling. Then, he interviews the LGBTQ Program Director for Media Matters – Ari Drennen on Republicans’ attack on the community and the companies who support them. Next John plays a clip of President Biden giving a speech to grads at the U.S. Air Force Academy prior to falling down on the stage. He takes a call from Joe in Iowa on Biden tripping and healthcare in America. Also Riley in Montana calls with gratitude for the flashback Gordon Lightfoot interview. Then lastly, he chats with Keith Price about the Trump interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News. They take calls from Lisa in New Mexico, Stephen from Kentucky, Ivan in Texas, and Bill in New Jersey.