[Explicit Language] The FBI raided Oleg Deripaska’s house. Manafort, Kilimnik, Deripaska, and Putin. The 1/6 committee vote on criminal contempt referral for Steve Bannon. Asking what you can do for your country. Joe Manchin versus The World. Manchin is reportedly blocking clean energy plan. Colin Powell dies of COVID. Trump’s horrendous statement. Dennis Prager tests positive. Flat-earther dies of COVID. Christopher Steele and the pee-pee tape. Don’t panic, Matt Gaetz is still in trouble. With Buzz Burbank, and music by Natalie and the Monarchy and Michael McDermott, and more.


Bob and Buzz discuss the FBI raid at Oleg Deripaska’s house, Joe Manchin vs The World, Colin Powell, and more.