John is back from the west coast and he sends a fond farewell to the Ron DeSantis campaign as he drops out of the presidential race. He also discusses the anniversary of Roe V Wade and how the Biden campaign is leaning heavily towards fighting for women’s reproductive freedom. He speaks with Theresa in North Carolina about Trump. Then, he welcomes back Professor Corey Brettschneider and they chat about the Supreme Court allowing Border Patrol agents to remove the inhumane razor wire deployed by Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott’s security initiative to stop migrants. They also discuss the “Chevron Defense” which is the latitude federal judges give agencies over how to interpret a statute when a dispute arises and the attempt of many states to disqualify Trump from running for office again due to the 14th Amendment. Next, Sean from California calls about meeting John at the Sexy Liberal Show in San Francisco. And John gives Beachside Bill big kudos for reaching a landmark donation of 150 gallons of blood. Then, Rhonda Hansome returns to talk about the lies and demise of Ron DeSantis…ALSO the lies and rise of Nikki Haley. They speak with Lou in Indiana on Beachside Bill and children’s cancer. And finally, Rhonda and John talk with Bill in New Jersey on Biden’s fake robocall in New Hampshire and Dean in Los Angeles on the 14th Amendment and Ron DeSantis.