[Explicit Language] Kimberley on the Stephanie Miller Show. Our freezing apartment. House 1/6 Committee issues 10 subpoenas to former Trump officials. The West Wing and legal fees. The exciting world of inflation and what’s causing it right now. GOP candidate for U.S. Senate is the worst person in the world. The Republicans want the racist, white supremacist, misogynist vote. An update on Trump’s DWAC stock. 13 Trump officials may have violated the Hatch Act. Trump and Ric Grenell appear to have violated the Logan Act. COVID rampaging across Europe. With Jody Hamilton and Buzz Burbank, and music by Elijah Bone and Joe Matera. And more!


Bob, Jody, and Buzz discuss 1/6 committee subpoenas, inflation, Republican misogyny, Bob’s freezing apartment, and more.