Windy City Times talks to Stephanie Miller - Stephanie Miller's Sexy Liberal
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Windy City Times talks to Stephanie Miller

Windy City Times talks to Stephanie Miller

Radio-show host Stephanie Miller continues to mix comedy with politics and these days there’s plenty of material.

The daughter of U.S. Rep. William E. Miller, she started performing sketch comedy in high school. She worked comedy clubs while being on the radio in the ’80s and ’90s. Miller hosted her own late-night television talk show and then several other shows followed, including I’ve Got a Secret for the Oxygen Channel.

This year, her radio audience has grown to around 6 million weekly listeners. In 2010 Miller came out publicly on her radio show, saying, “I’ve reached my personal tipping point to say I am a gay woman.”

She is started taking her satire on the road with Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour in 2011 then changed the name after Donald Trump was elected. It inspired a comedy album Stephanie Miller’s Sexy Liberal Tour, Vol. 1 and it reached number one on the charts for iTunes,, and Billboard.

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