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The Sexy Liberal Blue Wave Tour
The Return of The Sexy Liberals


This is a limited 3 show engagement so plan to make one of the exclusive dates. The Sexy Liberals, Stephanie Miller, John Fugelsang, and special guests will raise us up and get out the vote.


We begin on September 22nd at the footsteps of the White House, then on to Chicago and ending in Los Angeles just days before the midterms. Check out the venues and buy your tickets here. VIP exclusive meet and greet tickets are available.

10/27 Chicago Illinois
Athenaeum Theatre
Special Guest Margaret Cho
On Sale Purchase Tickets Here 
Hotel Packages Available Here
11/3  Los Angeles, CA
The Saban Theater
Special guest Margaret Cho
The Sexy Liberal Blue Wave Tour supports Flip the 14..
Visit flipthe14 at the LA Show 11/3

Special Guest: DC Only

Special Guest: Chicago and LA Only

2017 Tour Photos